K6 Signature

Névleges impedancia: 4 ohm

Ajánlott erősítők: 10 – 150 Watt

Frekvencia: 25hz és 30Khz között

Érzékenység: 90 dB lineáris 1 watt 1 méteren



19 900 €

  • Mahogany


  • Silk White

    Silk White

  • Maple


  • Black Ash

    Black Ash

  • Cherry


  • Mahogan


  • Walnut



22 100 €

  • Rosewood


  • Ebony


Az árak Nettó euró árak



Kevlar benefits from having similar properties to carbon fibre, being light and at the same time rigid. The ProAc 6 1/2” drivers utilised in the K6 feature Kevlar cones. The cone is painstakingly produced from a mould by hand, a labour intensive process taking many hours to complete.

Although Kevlar has proven to be an excellent cone material sonically, the Kevlar ProAc bass drivers require a different porting mechanism in order to realise their full potential.
The bass is loaded by an almost invisible vent to produce a wonderfully weighty but exceptionally fast bass response. These drivers are seamlessly crossed over to a 2” dome midrange, the horn of which is manufactured from billet aluminium and for the high frequencies, ProAc’s proven ribbon tweeter has been chosen.

The cabinet on the K6 is a traditional mixture from ProAc
of HDF materials of different thicknesses heavily damped with bitumen. Indeed the carcass including bitumen is
35mm thick. The combination of research into carbon fibre and its ingredients have produced a stunningly accurate and detailed loudspeaker, having an electrostatic or
panel quality without the drawbacks. Sound is reproduced effortlessly with incredible detail and pinpoint imagery, which often can be muddled by conventional drive units.

The K6 is designed for audiophiles and music lovers who are looking for a true high end loudspeaker offering smooth reproduction and an impressively flat response throughout the frequency range. The legendary ProAc qualities of large soundstaging and pin-sharp imaging capabilities complete a highly musical and engaging transducer.